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What is Logotherapy?

Posted on 24 January, 2018 at 18:50

Pre-eminent Logotherapist, Dr. Elisabeth Lukas, author of the quite brilliant 'The Therapist & the Soul: From Fate to Freedom', writes the following in the 'About this Book' section (from the first German edition):

'Life today is regarded by many people as empty and questionable. One no longer finds meaning in work, in the family, in the future. However, a life without meaning is, in spite of technical progress, a life without human dignity. Logotherapy - Viktor Frankl's brilliantly inspired new orientation in psychotherapy - has therefore taken up the task of returning to a focus on meaning and human dignity in the psychological understanding of being and self.'

I think this is a rather good overview of what Logotherapy is about and how it relates to modern day life and individual/societial expectation..

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